Pet Hair & Coat Natural Formula

PETS COAT AND HAIR HEALTH: When it comes to our pets we want to make sure they are happy and healthy all the time. If your pets hair and coat health are not in tip top shape then certain problems can arise. Our supplement was formulated to give your cat the essential vitamins, minerals and other ingredients to make sure their hair, coat, skin and nails are in the best healthy condition possible.

QUERCETIN FOR PETS ITCHING: Quercetin is an excellent natural remedy for seasonal and environmental allergies in pets. It also does amazing work to helping your dogs or cats itchy skin and keep there hair and coat health to the maximum. 
Quercetin is great for your pet and for different reasons, which is why we included it in our natural supplement.

HAIR AND SKIN BENEFITS FOR PETS: Skin is the largest organ system in the body. It’s also multi-functional; it’s an environmental barrier, regulates temperature, plays many roles in the immune system, and provides mechanical support to the body. To have a shiny coat, your pet needs healthy skin.

NATURAL WELLNESS FOR PET: Our supplement has many ingredients to it because it does so much for your pet. Some of the ingredients on the health and wellness side are: Cranberries, Fennel, Grapefruit Seed Extract, Bilberry Fruit, Lactobacillus and lutein. These ingredients combined provide your pet the best and fastest results.

LYSINE FOR PETS SKIN: Among the most important essential amino acids we find is lysine, a compound involved in many body processes and which is recommended by many veterinarians for pets because of its importance to the proper functioning of the body. Lysine benefits your pet by boosting there immune system, calcium absorption and skin/coat health.

BEST NUTRIENTS FOR PETS SKIN AND COAT: Poor nutrition or a deficiency in certain nutrients can manifest as dandruff, itchiness, dull hair and other problems in pets. A high quality diet with the right supplements can do wonders for there skin and coat health. That is where our supplement steps in and give your dog or cat what they need.

We all want our pets to look, feel, and smell their best, but it takes effort to keep that coat shiny. If your pets coat and skin is not in its prime then there could be health problems causing that. Our supplement can help your pets issues go away to make sure there hair skin and coat are looking prime and healthy.

AMAZING ANTIOXIDANTS FOR PETS: You can say that Astaxanthin is like the queen of all Antioxidants. It can fight off damaging free radicals 550 times faster than Vitamins E. This ingredient is perfect for your pets health and well being. Astaxanthin has many natural benefits to it and can help your pet out with there hair, skin and coat health.

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Pet Hair & Coat
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