BEST PET RELAXANT ON THE MARKET: There are many ways a dog or cat can be hyped up more than usual, like guests coming over, noises, road trips to specific places and other reasons. Also your pet can go through anxiety (social, separation anxiety) which can make them be all over the place and not calm like you want them to be in the house or car. Our natural relaxant can help your dog or cat turn calm and stay calm when needed most. 

AMAZING FORMULA FOR PETS: Our pet supplement is made from some of the most powerful and natural ingredients around in helping to keep your dog or cat nice and calm. Each ingredient has many different health benefits but the main ones revolve in calming down and relaxing your pet from what is bothering them. The ingredients in our supplement for dogs and cats are Chamomile, Valerian, L-Tryptophan,  Passionflower, beef liver powder and more.

LOWER ANXIETY LEVELS FOR DOGS AND CATS: From separation anxiety to noise phobias, pet anxiety can be just as stressful for the owners as it is for the pet. Many anxious pets will become destructive, tremble uncontrollably, pace, meow or howl for hours, have accidents all over the floors, or even run away and no one wants to deal with those issues. This is why we made our all natural Relaxant for pets, so they can calm down and just relax without worrying.

ALL AROUND SUPPORT FOR PETS: When considering helping your dog or cat for anxiety, it is important to know the main source. Is your dog or cat anxious about being left alone? Being confined? Is the anxiety caused by loud noise, or travel, or sudden changes in environment or routine? Some pets have phobias of certain objects, types of people, or specific situations around them. No matter what the cause for anxiety, our supplement is hear to help in any case that comes up.

VALERIAN FOR PETS TO RELAX: Valerian root is a herb often used as an anxiety reducer for dogs and cats. Many owners choose to use natural remedies such as valerian instead of resorting to over the counter products which have bad side effects. Using a natural herb to combat pet symptoms is often considered much safer. Valeran root can also help to promote sleep in restless dogs and cats.

CHAMOMILE FOR PETS TO CALM DOWN: We all know that chamomile tea has calming effects that are very beneficial and helpful but did you know that chamomile benefits our pets as well? The herb chamomile and its essential oil and hydrosol are very safe for use in pets, although some pets are allergic to the plant. Therefore, always check for sensitivity first. This herb helps with anxiety, skin inflammation, gas problems and a lot more. 

L-TRYPTOPHAN FOR DOGS AND CATS: Tryptophan is primarily used to decrease aggression and stabilize mood in pets. L-tryptophan is a large neutral amino acid that is an essential dietary constituent for cats and dogs. It aids in healthy digestion and serves as the precursor to serotonin, a neurotransmitter associated with healthy, calm emotions and self-control in pets. Our natural product has the exactly correct dose in it to really help your best friend out and not give them too much of what they might not need.

NATURAL PASSION FLOWER FOR PETS: Passion flower is a perennial climbing vine with herbaceous shoots and a strong wood stem that can grow up to 30 feet, and is known for its fragrance and vibrant flowers. Aztecs reportedly used passion flower as a calming sedative and pain reliever. It is used today for pets as a natural calming agent and sleep aid, as it helps to relax the body, mind and tummy from issues.

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