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PETS URINARY TRACT SUPPORT: Our supplement is a daily formula that contains ingredients to support a healthy urinary tract for dogs and cats. Urinary Tract Infections/inflammation (or UTIs) are common in pets so it’s important to understand what the cause of your dog's or cat’s bladder problem might be. If you are not sure then we recommend you to contact your Vet before giving this supplement to your pet.

WHAT WE HAVE TO OFFER FOR PETS: Our natural urinary complex for dogs and cats holds many ingredients and many benefits at the same time for your pets health. We ventured out to find some of the best ingredients for this supplement so that your pet can be happy and healthy. Some of the ingredients in our powerful supplement are Uva Ursi Extract, Cranberry Powder, Corn Silk, Red Raspberry Leaf, Marshmallow Root, Juniper Berries and more. 

JUNIPER BERRIES BENEFITS FOR PETS: There is quite a bit of controversy on the internet about pets and juniper berries. The juniper berry is not truly a berry, but rather it is the female seed cone that looks very similar to a blueberry. Juniper berries contain powerful oils with antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and carminative properties. These benefits can help your pet with many urinary tract problems.

CORN SILK FOR PETS HEALTH: The primary use for corn silk in pets deals directly with the urinary tract. Those silky threads from the corn plant can help a variety of bladder and urinary problems in dogs and cats. If your pet has a problem controlling when and where he relieves himself, corn silk could potentially be of benefit.

RASPBERRY LEAF FOR PETS: The raspberry is a deciduous shrub that grows both in the wild and under cultivation where it is farmed largely for its fruit. This is a ingredient in our supplement that utilizes the power of red raspberry leaves to help ease the stresses that a dog or cat goes through with urinary problems. It does this by helping with discomfort, foster overall digestive and reproductive health and more. With this in mind your pet can be helped out when needed most in certain times.

MARSHMALLOW ROOT FOR PETS: Anyone who shares their life with a dog or cat will sooner or later have to deal with a bout of diarrhea, constipation, vomiting, bladder issues or other digestive problems. Used properly, herbs can gently support the body and ease the symptoms of these conditions so that deeper support can happen. Marshmallow root can help your pet with these issues and bring some ease for you and your loved animal.

CRANBERRIES FOR PETS: Cranberries are native to North America. They are farmed on approximately 40,000 acres across the northern United States and Canada. Cranberries are a healthful food, due to their high nutrient and antioxidant content. They are often referred to as a "super food." They're rich in vitamin C, vitamin A, and vitamin K, an antioxidant that may help stop a range of issues. This ingredient can help your cat or dog with there urinary problems like no other. 

UVA URSI BENEFITS FOR PETS: Arctostaphylos uva-ursi, also known as uva ursi or bear’s grape, is a plant found in North America and Eurasia. It is a fruit-bearing plant, and grows in cooler climates suitable for similar berries bears eat. This herb can be very helpful to deal with many urinary issues for dogs and cats. This herb has been used for a while now to help humans with urinary tract problems but now it can help your pet.​

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