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Omega-3 Supplement for Pets 
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BEST OMEGA 3 FOR PETS: Omega-3s are the fatty acids that are available in your pet’s food, as well as in the form of nutritional supplements. Omega-3 can help your dog or cat with skin problems, allergies, kidney functions, cognitive functions and a lot more. Many vets recommend the usage of omega-3 supplements as a protective health measure. Fatty acids are essential for maintaining bodily functions, especially immune health.

MAIN FATTY ACIDS FOR PETS: Omega fatty acids are labeled as "essential fatty acids" because the body cannot produce them on it's own, we must supplement them in our pets diet so they receive all the benefits needed! Omega fatty acids are required for biological processes and act as a fuel for the body to keep on going. Giving your pet an omega 3 supplement can really help them out and get there health back on track if it needed something more.

IMMUNE BOOSTER FOR PETS: The immune-boosting properties of omega 3 fatty acids have the added benefit of supporting your pet from air born issues. These benefits come mainly from the anti-inflammatory effects of omega 3 fatty acids in your dog or cat. Since your pets immune system can be supported to its max your dog or cat can run around and play without you worrying about what might be out to get them. With this in mind your pet can be healthy and stay healthy or the long run.

BETTER SKIN AND HEALTHY COAT FOR PETS: Many dogs and cats today have problems with dry skin, particularly in semi-arid and arid climates, or those with cold, dry winters. Omega 3 fatty acids primarily nourish your pet’s skin and coat, restoring moisture to parched skin. Also at the same time this can help make your dogs  or cats coat shinier and beautiful at the same time. Other than being healthy in its own right, moisturized skin has a host of other benefits for pets.

REDUCE YOUR PETS ITCHING AND HOT SPOTS: Dry, scaly skin is a symptom of essential fatty acid deficiency, and it does more than just make your pet shed and their coat appear dull. Overly dry skin is also itchy, and that can cause some troubles for your pet. With the addition of an appropriate amount of omega 3 fatty acids to your pet’s diet, your furry friend can stop scratching and get some relief from those annoying hot spots, even if the condition is from allergies.

REDUCE INFLAMMATION FOR DOGS AND CATS: Omega-3 fatty acids are especially helpful for pets that suffer from inflammatory problems such as allergies. Allergies can causes severe itching and sometimes even hair loss if it gets too bad. Keeping your dog and cat supplemented with omega-3 is helpful in controlling these types of skin issues. This is another reason why we recommend this supplement for dogs and cats health and wellbeing.

HELP JOINT PROBLEMS FOR PETS: Omega-3 fatty acids have properties which can help dogs and cats with joint issues. In one study, 127 dogs and cats with joint issues ate a diet supplemented with fish oil. According to the results, the pets showed a substantial improvement in their ability to get up from a resting position. They also showed marked improvement in both walking and playing. With this in mind why not make sure that your dog or cat recives all of there nutrient needs and receive joint supporting benefits.

Omega 3 fatty acids have been shown to work as a natural stress reliever in people, likely due to a boost in serotonin, so they could do the same for your dog and cat. In a specifically pet study, omega 3 fatty acids have been suspected to limit aggression in dogs and cats, particularly in response to stressful situations that has to deal with anxiety. Cool, huh?

Omega-3 Supplement for Your Pets
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