BCAAs are present in all of us - they are in fact the building blocks of a human body.  Nearly 40% of our muscle mass is none other than BCAAs, ensuring and in fact promoting muscular growth and development.  In essence, BCAAs are the fuel for the muscle groups, and - as it frequently happens - our bodies need a bit more fuel than is naturally available. 

​Vitamin Prime offers a line of natural BCAA supplements that essentially leverage the way the body responds to a physical activity, i.e. a workout or any similar energy burst.  Our supplements are perceived entirely as continuation of body's own natural BCAA production, a natural refill, if you will. 

​But even more importantly, the unique and synergistic combination of BCAA and Glutamine that Vitamin Prime has created works very effectively to NOT ONLY add BCAAs into the system, but ALSO enable the muscles to literally regenerate and repair on their own!  We are able to accomplish this by combining these two natural ingredients in a specifically designed proportions, simply enhancing the process instead of affecting it in any way, shape or form.  And of course results speak for themselves!  Please check out our selections available at incredible values only from Vitamin Prime!

Bcaa & Glutamine
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