L-Carnitine helps our bodies convert fat into energy, plain and simple.  A bit of Carnitine is actually produced on a daily basis by our livers and kidneys, and as you may have guessed, the amount produced naturally is not quite enough to sustain our daily needs and ideal amounts needed for healthy and advanced weight loss.

Horny Goat Weed:

Despite the fact that it typically brings a smile to anyone hearing about it, Horny Goat Weed does precisely what its name suggests.  This incredible herb from China naturally boosts libido in both men and women, but of course it is typically men that take to Horny Goat Weed to re-ignite the spark in their sexual relationships.  While many natural practitioners also recommend Horny Goat for other ailments, such as pain and general fatigue, it is its remarkable ability to naturally fuel the desire in men that has established its well-earned reputation over the last 2,000 years


Creatine has been introduced as a nutritional supplement for quite some time now, however, despite that there has been more controversy associated with it than with any other Sport Supplements.

People have speculated that creatine is not entirely natural, that it may not exactly work as described and may in fact be potentially harmful.  Let's clarify these points.

Chia Seed:

Chia Seed Oil has been getting quite a bit of popularity as of late, primarily due to its incredibly rich content of Omega-3 and other antioxidants.  Besides being a natural carcinogen, Chia Seeds naturally and efficiently boost energy levels, reduce blood sugar levels and accomplish many other weight loss related functions.

IGF Muscle Building Spray:

IGF-1 Muscle Building Spray has purest and unique deer antler velvet extract formula with L-Arginine, Epimedum, Tribulus and Eurycoma Longifolia. Deer Velvet Antler IGF product extracted directly from adolescent deer before their antlers turn to bone .  So when you use this extract to spray (squirt, to be exact), you are essentially adding insulin-like natural growth hormone that has the most efficient muscle building qualities.

EGG Protein:

Egg Protein from Vitamin Prime comes primarily in Vanilla flavor and is essentially made with pure egg white protein - does not get more natural than that!  This natural supplement contains zero egg yolk, and therefore is entirely focused on promoting the protein intake (leaving the fat aside), not to mention complete absence of cholesterol or any other similar ingredients.

Hoodia Gordomii:

Hoodia Gordomii looks much like cactus and grows primarily in the desert.  Somehow over the course of history it has been discovered that the natural elements contained in Hoodia happen to control a person's appetite, remarkably enough making the person feel less hungry.  Yes, the craving for food gets reduced, the amount of food you eat is less, and you end up losing weight, which is the ultimate goal.  Nothing could be simpler.

Acai Berry:

Acai Berries have always been adored by generations & various civilizations for their ability to provide strength, endurance, energy and Anti-Aging Properties. Acai Berries contain an incredible concentration of fatty acids and omegas, all of which help fight high cholesterol levels and provide above-average quantities of daily fiber.

"Unleash Your Beast" - Natural Male Enhancement:

Look, the truth of the matter is - everyone is having sex.  Some people have it more often than others, but the fact remains - everyone is engaged in sexual activity to some degree.  The only question always remains - how satisfying and pleasurable (and therefore exciting) that sexual experience really is.

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