​Did you know that the first 2 hours after any workout are the most important in terms of properly treating your muscles, making sure they stretch, heal and grow just as your workout routine intended?  Unless properly "handled", your muscle groups will, in fact, actually get damaged instead of building & growing.  Much more importantly - your muscles may not effectively recover by the time you are ready for your next workout (even days later!), further damaging the same areas and compromising your ability to continue the routine long-term.

​During the workout, your muscles essentially break down and require numerous vitamins, protein and natural amino-acids to return to normal state and to grow.  Vitamin Prime has the proper supplement groups - both protein and carb-based, among others - to quickly and efficiently (and, of course, safely) replenish the fuel needed by the muscles as they heal & improve as a result of this strenuous physical activity.  What truly separates Vitamin Prime from any other vitamin & supplement provider in the marketplace is the fact that our proprietary formulas COMBINE protein, carb and other components in the most effective and potent way, thus ensuring that the workout leads to greater long-term muscle gains.  

Please take a look at our Post-Workout variety and choose for yourself!  Our commitment to quality is steadfast and we are continuously working on many new herbal solutions to make the experience truly excellent

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